A Motherless Mother’s Day


I am grateful that I had my mom in my life for twenty-one mother’s days.

This will be my 33rd mother’s day spent without her.

The first few years were very difficult for me, as I watched friends and family make plans to enjoy a day with their mothers and families.

I remember feeling so upset when I would hear friends complain that they didn’t know what to get their mom’s. It was a problem I wished I had.

I am grateful that I had a wonderful mother-in-law. Sadly we lost her two years after my mother.

Again, it was painful to hear my friends lament about their mother in laws. It was a problem I wished I had.

I am grateful to be a mother.

The gift in losing our mothers created a new appreciation for the time I get to spend with my own children. I treasure every moment I have with my sons and now, their families.

My heart bleeds for mothers who have lost a child, or were not able to have children. I send you prayers for love, peace and more inner strength to carry you through this weekend.

I cannot imagine how you may feel if you hear another mother complain in any way about her children. It’s a problem I am sure you wish you had.

I wish everyone a mother’s day filled with gratitude for the love you had, and the love you have.

Louise Aspden is a life coach, trainer and speaker. Learn more at: positivecoach.ca

May 11, 2016 |

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